As salam. This is auto publish entry. Today I would like to share some tips about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that I read from my website ping. Every time I ping my entry, one tip from that website must appear. So, I think no matter if I share this with others. Hope useful.

1. Don't write bad or incorrect HTML (AVOID)
Most search engines don't deliberately discriminate against badly coded pages, but if the spider can't read the page because the HTML is bad, then it won't get indexed. Make sure that you validate your HTML regularly and that any issues there are don't affect the page being viewed by a simple user-agent or screen reader.

2. Don't omit alt text for images especially images inside the text (AVOID)
Images inline with your text can dress up your Web page, but if you leave off the alternative text (alt text) search engines won't pick up the content relevance. Also keep in mind that the heavier your page is with images, the less likely that search engines will rank it highly. Text is what gets ranked in most search engines, and alt text is a poor alternative.

3. Link to your page from within your site (MEDIUM PRIORITY)
Links are important, and linking from one page to another on your own site is a very easy way to get links. They aren't as important in search engine ranking as links from external sites, but they do help. If nothing else, they help the search engine spider find all the pages on your site.

4. Don't use frames (AVOID)
Frames and search engines are not a good combination. While search engines are getting much better at reading framed websites, they still don't tend to rank as well as non-framed sites. And even if you get decent ranking, you might not get the clicks because the search engine doesn't know what to display as a title or description of your page.

5. Try to get links from similar sites (HIGH PRIORITY)
Inbound links from sites similar to your own are important as well. This indicates that your site does have content related to that topic. Plus, it indicates that your competition finds your site valuable, and that gives your site more credibility.

6. Use Flash for non-critical pieces of a page (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

The best use of Flash on websites is as small portions of the site, preferably non-critical portions. Search engines can't view Flash, they see them as images. According to Google Webmaster Central, sites that effectively use Flash "use Flash for rich media but rely on HTML for content and navigation."